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Commercial Litigation Funding

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Minimise the costs of litigation…

We provide a range of services for our clients. Find out how we can assist you today.

Business with a dispute

Make litigation economically viable using legal, financial and insurance tools to de-risk commercial disputes

Individual with a dispute

Find out more about the different options available to individuals bringing a legal action.

Insolvency practitioner

All potential claims can be fully explored if work in progress is funded. Find out how your practice can benefit.

Solicitor seeking funding/ATE

Annecto Legal provides access to funding and ATE insurance for all types of commercial litigation.

Commercial insurance broker

Brokers can add real value to their clients, and at the same time create a new revenue stream for their own business.


Shifting litigation risk off the balance sheet can have a huge beneficial effect on your client’s accounts.


Annecto Legal’s founding principle is that limited finances should never stop you pursuing a valid case – commercial litigation funding should always be sought.

This perceived barrier has come about because traditionally solicitors have charged on an hourly rate for their work: they get paid regardless of success. In England and Wales, it is also typical for the loser to pay the winning side’s legal fees upon conclusion of a case.

Because of these financial risks, many businesses write-off claims they would have likely won.


Alternative funding for commercial disputes is about finding the best way to manage the financial risks of litigation. Annecto Legal assists with commercial litigation funding and ATE insurance, with access to over 60 specialist providers. If you do not have a legal team on board, we can also help you get the right representation to give your case the strongest chance of success.

Clients can transfer the costs and risks of their case using commercial litigation funding and insurance and put themselves in a position of strength to negotiate the best settlement possible, or go to trial if necessary.

We deal with a variety of legal cases including assistance with breach of contract solicitors, professional negligence solicitors, fraud, banking litigation and can even help if you’re suing a solicitor or looking for commercial dispute resolution.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do Annecto Legal's services work?

Through our network of over 60 third party commercial litigation funders and after-the-event (ATE) legal expenses insurers, Annecto Legal offers a valuable and easy-to-use service for businesses with a case for litigation. Our professional and experienced brokers can manage the entire funding process, taking on the risk of your litigation and securing the best possible deal for your business.

How much does Annecto Legal’s service cost?

Arrangement fees are generally paid by the funders and insurers and we believe they are more than compensated by the time and cost savings we secure for our clients. Any fees are fully disclosed and agreed in advance

Our expertise ranges from simple breach of contract and professional negligence cases of £100k upwards, through to complex and high-value financial disputes and international arbitrations.

With Annecto Legal, clients can pursue justice and get the compensation they deserve, safe in the knowledge that the financial risk to their business is as little as possible.

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* Annecto Legal can only assist on case where the loss is in excess of £100,000, with the exception of data breach claims. If you need assistance on a claim worth over £100,000, please get in touch using our form or the details below:

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