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About Annecto Legal

By shifting the risk off your balance sheet, you can recover what you are entitled to, without putting even more of your own money at risk.

Annecto Legal connects businesses with the right lawyer for their case: a specialist in their field of expertise who is also willing to share the risk with clients rather than work only for a traditional hourly rate.

The directors of Annecto Legal are experienced business people that have personal experience of commercial disputes, as well as being respected within the legal, financial and insurance sectors. They are passionate about providing access to justice for other business people:

The directors of Annecto Legal

Mark Beaumont, Director and Co- Founder

Mark graduated in 1999 from the University of Manchester with a 2:1 in Economics. After a successful career in business consultancy Mark entered the legal world in 2009 with a focus on legal costs and retainer agreements and is now a regular contributor to publications in both the legal and insolvency sector, as well as speaking about funding, insurance and risk management at conferences and training events. 

Since 2010 Mark has been a member of the executive of the Commercial Litigation Association (CLA): The UK’s only national body representing the diverse interests of stakeholders in the dispute resolution sector. During the course of 2019 the CLA has gained a new patron, Lord Neuberger, a is on the verge of a major relaunch.

Please register for updates and/or membership at 

In 2013 Mark Beaumont and Sally Dunscombe established Annecto Legal Ltd to broker litigation funding and after-the-event (ATE) legal expenses insurance.

Annecto helps insolvency practitioners, businesses and individuals bring claims that they might otherwise have been unable to pursue, either because they lacked funds, faced a very rich opponent or didn’t want to put their own money at risk in litigation.

Annecto exists to help navigate the fast-moving world of litigation funding: assisting clients in preparing their case for underwriters, ensuring the right markets are approached, negotiating terms and providing a service that takes the pain out of funding and insurance.

If you would like to know more about litigation funding, ATE insurance or any other risk management tools around litigation and arbitration please get in touch with Mark.

Sally Dunscombe, Director and Co-Founder

Sally brings a wealth of operational management and strategic guidance from a business career spanning 40 years. Her experience covers accountancy, insolvency and practice management with the likes of Arthur Andersen, Hanover Park Group, BDO Binder Hamlyn and the BFI Group as well as law firms in the south east.

Sally formed Annecto Legal to help individuals, SMEs and corporates to manage the costs and risks of litigation.

She works with business owners, insolvency practitioners and lawyers to secure funding and insurance (including after-the-event legal expenses insurance) to progress their dispute through mediation, arbitration or the courts, enabling access to justice as well as the transfer of financial risk away from business’ balance sheets.

Sally is also a director at the Brain Injury Group, which offers a complete package of support for brain injured people and their families and Recovery First (LINK HERE). Recovery First helps law firms withdraw from specific sectors of the legal market, whilst ensuring 100% of the recoverable WIP value is retained by the law firm. RF work alongside Solicitors, Accountants, Restructuring and Corporate Recovery Specialists to ensure the most profitable outcome is achieved on any file transfer agreement.

Steve Brindley, Director

Steve has been involved in the insurance sector for over 30 years and brings extensive knowledge of acquisitions and markets, claims, policy administration, commercial insurance and property insurance to Annecto Legal.

His professional experience has seen him serve as Managing Director of Hanover Park Commercial, Erinaceous Insurance Services and FARR Insurance, in addition to being Acquisitions and Markets Director for Barbon Insurance, and most recently, founder of Brindley Risk Consultancy Limited; concentrating on property insurance specifically in the ground rent sector, Property Director Hubb, a UK based Insuretech Insurance Brokerage and Head of Insurance at Sussex based Harper Stone Property Management Company 

Phil Hayes, Director

Phil runs and manages a successful insurance consultancy business introducing new products to the Insurance marketplace and has provided solutions to prestigious corporate partners including Honda, Fulham FC, Fiat/Alfa Romeo and Experian, as well as managing insurance tenders for UK Housing Associations.

With over 30 years specialist experience in insurance, Phil brings strong management and relationship building skills across much of the financial services sector to Annecto Legal’s network.

His previous positions include Head of Market Relations at Rarragini & Rosso Group and Head of Insurer Relations at BGL, a leading UK Personal Lines Intermediary (owner of Compare the Market).

Phil is a loyal, committed and respected insurance industry leader, with extensive contacts and proven commercial and operational understanding of Insurance Company and Intermediary business practices.

David Law profile photo

David Law

David began his career at Lloyds of London as a financial lines broker before moving to the Institute of Insurance Brokers and a managing general agent to head up their product development and research program. After 10 years David co-founded a niche liability underwriting agency which was later sold to Liberty Mutual.

Over the next 14 years David went on to work for an ATE broker, Acasta European Insurance and litigation funder Sparkle Capital before joining Annecto Legal in 2017.


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* Annecto Legal can only assist on case where the loss is in excess of £100,000, with the exception of data breach claims. If you need assistance on a claim worth over £100,000, please get in touch using our form or the details below:

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