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Commercial litigation claims supported and funded by Annecto Legal

Businesses all too often fail to pursue breaches of contract, cases of professional negligence or other similar disputes. Usually it’s for one or all of the following reasons:

  • a lack of legal knowledge
  • not enough available time
  • uncertainty of where they will find funding for legal fees
  • fear of financial risk should they lose the case

Annecto Legal provides businesses with the legal knowledge and funding options they need to overcome these barriers and get the justice they deserve. Examples of the types of cases we deal with can be found on the right hand side of this page.

What are the risks of commercial litigation claims?

When deciding whether to pursue a commercial litigation claim, the financial implications of being liable for the legal costs of both sides if the case isn’t successful, are often the biggest factors to consider.

However, just as in any aspect of business, there are numerous ways to finance projects and manage risks through insurance and other such tools. If more businesses made use of these options to pursue justice, then it is likely there would be less poor behaviour in the first place.

Businesses using appropriate risk management tools can shift all the costs and risks away from their balance sheet in the event their case proves unsuccessful. The only financial element that remains is the ‘contingent asset’ – the money received if they win to recover costs and damages.

As it only has an upside, the associated management time relating to any commercial litigation claim can be seen as a good return on investment.

Annecto Legal can assist with most commercial disputes (whether mediation, litigation or arbitration) providing access to both legal expertise and alternative ways of funding.

Annecto clients manage the financial risks of commercial litigation claims using options such as third party litigation funding and after-the-event (ATE) commercial legal expenses insurance.

Connecting the right case to the right legal team and the right source of funding is the key to successful litigation. With Annecto’s experienced and knowledgeable support you can pull together a team of lawyers, experts, funders and insurers that will make your opponent not just regret their actions, but hopefully come to the negotiating table ready to make an offer to settle. Conversely, cases handled by the wrong lawyers and lacking funds, can encourage your opponent to complicate and delay proceedings – knowing that you are not serious and won’t commit the funds to properly pursue them. You may end up settling for far less than you deserve, or even pulling out completely.

Regardless of the size of the business you’ll find useful information on the right hand side of this page regarding the many different types of commercial litigation claims Annecto Legal deals with.

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* Annecto Legal can only assist on case where the loss is in excess of £100,000, with the exception of data breach claims. If you need assistance on a claim worth over £100,000, please get in touch using our form or the details below:

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