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Banking litigation and insurance claims disputes

The complexity of banking, financial or insurance agreements can often lead to quarrels or disputes. Complex banking litigation is the domain of the true specialist and can prove to be costly if pursued without thinking about the best way to manage the legal costs – that’s where Annecto Legal comes in. Banking Litigation

Annecto Legal can provide access to over 20 providers of third party litigation funding and after-the-event (ATE) legal expenses insurance for banking litigation disputes. By utilising the best funding and insurance for your litigation you can reduce your risk, minimise your costs and ensure you have the backing to go all the way to court if necessary.

In many cases, once your opponent knows that you have a wealthy backer for your case (and that you can no longer be bullied) then they will offer to mediate or have settlement discussions.

If you are seeking funding but don’t yet have a legal team in place, then Annecto Legal can assist in securing appropriate representation for you or your business. By having specialist litigators on your team, with extensive knowledge of complex financial disputes, you will maximise your chances of successfully pursuing your opponent.

Points to consider:

Banking litigation or insurance claims disputes can cause a threat to an organisation’s future if left unsolved, so you must be wary of regulations and potential legal comebacks. You should also consider the often international aspect of banking and finance and the potential need for legal expertise in a number of different jurisdictions if a dispute arises.

Banks are wealthy institutions with huge legal resources to defend against any type of claim. If you are to be taken seriously as an opponent then you need to ensure that you have deep pockets, or you’ve partnered with a litigation funder with deep pockets and a willingness to support your case all the way to trial.

The strongest cases benefit from having the best legal team and the right funding. Once this is in place then you are negotiating from a position of strength, rather than fearing the opponent’s strength.

Contact Annecto Legal now to speak to one of our specialist banking litigation advisors, free of charge. We can help you find a legal specialist in this field and advise on how to fund your claim to minimise your risk. Or click to find out more about how to sue a bank and interest rate swap mis selling cases