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Breach of confidentiality claim: Suing for breach of confidentiality

Suing for breach of confidentiality


A duty of confidence is created when someone is given knowledge of confidential information that it would be unfair to disclose to others. This happens in many commercial and professional situations, especially when you’re dealing with trade secrets. If you have given someone confidential information and they’ve passed it on to someone else without your permission, you can sue for breach of confidentiality – and secure compensation.

How Annecto Legal can help

If you want help suing for breach of confidentiality, then Annecto Legal can help you access the necessary legal expertise and secure funding for your case. 

Our solicitor partners understand the complexity of privacy and GDPR law. From data protection, to the law of confidence, to defamation, we connect you with our network of highly qualified data breach claims solicitors and help you sort case funding.

Although Annecto Legal do not deal with data breach claims, we can pass your enquiry onto a firm of solicitors who can assist. If you would like to start your data breach claim, please feel free to contact Hayes Connor Solicitors (or any other firm of data breach solicitors). You can start your claim with Hayes Connor Solicitors using the form on their website by clicking the button below. Please note, we do not receive payments from the firms on our panel, they are independent firms and we are not recommending use of this firm, we simply pass your enquiry onto a firm who can help. If you choose to start your claim using the form below, Annecto Legal will not be dealing with the claim; however, we may provide litigation funding on insurance for your case, if required. 


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