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Annecto Legal helps businesses realise the value of their commercial litigation claims. There is no upfront cost to use the service as we are funded by partners within the legal, finance and insurance sector.

Many business rely on their ‘trusted advisors’ – accountants, lawyers, insurance brokers, insolvency practitioners – in the first instance when they have a commercial dispute to advise on their options. In an ever changing legal landscape it is a challenge to keep up to date with the latest options and ensure that all alternative methods of litigation funding and insurance are fully explained.

Annecto Legal’s team work directly with businesses, individuals and professional advisors to explain all the options, matched to the appetite for risk of those bringing a commercial legal claim, to recover financial damages without the fear of a expensive legal fees or a drain on cash-flow.

Annecto Legal connects businesses with the right lawyer for their case: a specialist in their field of expertise who is also willing to share the risk with clients rather than work only for a traditional hourly rate.

The directors of Annecto Legal are experienced business people that have personal experience of commercial disputes. They are passionate about providing access to justice for other business people.

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* Annecto Legal can only assist on case where the loss is in excess of £100,000, with the exception of data breach claims. If you need assistance on a claim worth over £100,000, please get in touch using our form or the details below:

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