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ATE Legal Expenses Insurance : What is it, and do you need it?

ATE Legal Expenses Insurance : What is it, and do you need it?

ate legal expenses insurance

In today’s economy, commercial disputes are commonplace and can arise from various causes. This can make the expenses related to litigation and dispute resolution a significant concern.

As a solution, many individuals and businesses turn to commercial after the event (ATE) insurance. ATE insurance is a form of legal expenses insurance that covers a broad range of legal disputes. This includes commercial contract disputes, intellectual property disputes, shareholder disputes, professional negligence, property disputes, among many others.

Annecto Legal provides clients with access to top legal advice for a range of legal action. We help to bridge financial gaps and minimise unexpected legal expenses at a reasonable price.

What is ATE Legal Expenses Insurance?


ATE Legal Expenses Insurance, or After-the-Event Legal Expenses Insurance, is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage for legal costs and expenses incurred after a legal dispute arises. It is commonly used in commercial litigation where the cost of legal fees and other expenses can be very high.

An ATE insurance premium is usually taken out after a legal dispute arises and covers the insured party’s legal costs in the event of losing the case. The policy premium is typically paid upfront or when the case is settled. The policy covers the legal costs of both the insured party and the opponent, should the insured party lose the case.


What are the benefits of using ATE legal expenses insurance?


There are several benefits to using ATE legal expenses insurance, including: 

  • Reduced financial risk: ATE insurance can provide legal protection for any legal costs incurred in a case, including the risk of having to pay an opponent’s legal costs if the case is lost.
  • Access to justice: The risk of having to pay substantial legal fees on top of the other side’s costs can often put parties off pursuing a legal case. ATE insurance can make it easier for individuals and businesses to access justice by providing financial support for legal proceedings.
  • Cost-effective: ATE insurance is often more cost-effective than paying court fees and expenses out of pocket.
  • Flexibility: ATE insurance can be tailored to specific legal disputes, providing coverage for a wide range of claims. This includes commercial contract disputes, intellectual property disputes, shareholder disputes, and many others.
  • Quick resolution: ATE insurance can encourage early settlement of a dispute. The opponent may be more likely to settle rather than risk going to trial and potentially incurring substantial legal costs.


Who can Annecto Legal assist with ATE legal expenses insurance?


Whilst it is common for those seeking ATE insurance to be claimants, any party to litigation is able to obtain ATE insurance whether they are a claimant, defendant or a third party. ATE insurance can be used by clients of limited means who may not have been able to pay the other side previously.

ATE insurance cover can also be used by solicitors on behalf of their clients. Most clients are heavily reliant upon their solicitors to advise them on funding and insurance for commercial disputes. However, few solicitors are well-placed to provide the comprehensive advice that ensures clients can make a fully informed decision.

Annecto Legal prides itself on offering a professional service at market leading rates to solicitors who are seeking to navigate this complex market place on behalf of their clients.

Small businesses that may struggle to pay an adverse costs order may require ATE insurance to ensure that they can take on a more equipped opponent on equal terms, or to meet a security for costs application. This prevents them from having to concede early or accept a poor offer due to being unable to pay out legal costs further down the line.

Annecto Legal helps large corporates to small business owners with ATE insurance to enable access to justice as well as the transfer of financial risk away from business’ balance sheets.


How can Annecto Legal assist with ATE legal expenses insurance?


Annecto Legal assists clients in realising the true value of their commercial litigation claims. The proposal forms, quotation, terms and conditions and premium structures of ATE legal expenses insurance can often be complex. Therefore, we recommend that you contact our team as soon as possible so that we can begin to provide the guidance that you require.

We provide our services to a range of clients, including businesses, solicitors, commercial insurance brokers, individuals, insolvency practitioners, liquidators and law firms. 

Get in touch with an expert member of our team to find out more about ATE legal expenses insurance and which legal expenses cover is the right litigation funding choice for you.

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