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Annecto Legal’s litigation funding and insurance specialist Michael Lent appeared on BBC News to share his thoughts on the recent hike in court fees. Despite widespread opposition from the legal and small business communities, the government’s unpopular plans were rushed through on Monday. Now, SME owners looking for legal redress will have to pay £10,000 just to get their case heard.

While we’re pleased that the issue is receiving the attention it deserves, it’s dismaying that the government is putting further barriers in the way of small business owners looking for restitution: as Michael points out, it makes their promises to reduce the costs of litigation ring hollow indeed.
2015 03 10 bbcnews 2

The segment takes care to highlight Lord Faulks’ dismissive, ill-informed claim that litigation is “optional”. Professional negligence, commercial disputes, and breaches of contract can cause real, lasting damage to small businesses. The fee increase suggests they are expected to simply grin and bear it: people don’t litigate for fun.

As Michael wrote this week in Talk Business Magazine, it’s important that, even with the recent fee increase, SMEs are not dissuaded from taking their claims to the next level. They have options, and they can exercise them. For the business owner willing to pursue alternative finance, commercial litigation funding is available to tip the scales back towards justice.

2015 03 10 bbcnews 3  Whether you’re dealing with a breach of confidentiality, an insurance dispute, or a conflict with shareholders and business partners, Annecto Legal can ensure you get the commercial settlement you are looking for.