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Annecto Legal Assistance

The reassurance of legal support always in your corner. Get immediate 24/7 access to experienced award-winning legal professionals with Annecto Legal Assistance.

Every business owner needs reassurance at some time and a degree of legal support. Why take a chance when peace of mind needn’t come at a high price?

Your membership of Annecto Legal Assistance provides immediate access to legal professionals. Whatever your question you will receive genuine, pragmatic advice to inform your decision about how to best proceed.

Legal advice for questions such as:

  • How can I protect my brand?
  • I think I need to change my retention of title clause – what should I do?
  • Should I give a personal guarantee on a business loan or are there any other options?
  • Does my firm need to register under the GDPR?
  • I have an overseas debtor who won’t pay… what should I do?
  • What should I think about and include in my trading terms?
  • I suspect a member of staff is committing fraud… how should I begin to deal with this problem “without opening a can of worms?”
  • What are my rights if our business doesn’t have a Partnership Agreement?
  • Can I bring a claim against my current bank? If so, what are my options?
  • Can I ask my staff to sign a confidentiality agreement and what if they refuse?
  • I want to change a Tenancy Agreement for a property… where do I start?
  • I have a dispute with a consumer… should I “pay them off” or stand my ground?
  • I am in dispute with a third party and want to sue them… do I have grounds for a claim?
  • I am a Trustee but a Beneficiary wants to sue me… can I use the trust funds to cover my legal costs and how do I go about it?
  • I need to break my lease early… can I?
  • How do I reduce the cost of doing so?
  • I am selling my business and need legal representation… can you help?
  • I have received a winding up petition… what should I do?
  • I am buying new business premises… can you do the conveyancing?
  • We want to enter a formal joint venture with an associate… how should we structure it?

Annecto Legal Assistance Member Benefits

  • One phone number and email available to use 24/7/365 days a year
  • A legal assistance service providing access to award winning legal professionals
  • Advice on all areas of law affecting you and your business
  • No limit on number of times the service can be used (subject to fair use)
  • Free analysis of potential claims to be pursued or defended
  • Funding to pursue and defend legal disputes
  • You can receive help on matters that may not be covered by your legal expenses insurance policy
  • Where you have Legal Expenses Insurance we will liaise directly with your insurers

Interested in becoming an Annecto Legal Assistance Member?

Every business owner needs reassurance and legal support, with Annecto Legal Assistance this peace of mind needn’t come at a high price.

Find the right legal advice that provides a solution quickly without the pressure of expensive legal bills.

If you would like a no obligation discussion about how Annecto Legal Assistance can help your business then get in touch through our dedicated Annecto Legal Assistance contact page.

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* Annecto Legal can only assist on case where the loss is in excess of £100,000, with the exception of data breach claims. If you need assistance on a claim worth over £100,000, please get in touch using our form or the details below:

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Annecto Legal Ltd, 106 Kennedy Building, Murray Street, Manchester , M4 6HS

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